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My name is Angela Clayton, I’m a twenty one year old self taught designer and seamstress who is currently living on Long Island, in NY.


I’ve been sewing for six years and focused on period costumes and original designs for the last four. I try to mix the elements of historical costumes that I love most – like the detail work and extravagant silhouettes – with modern materials and textures to create pieces with a lot of visual interest and depth.

In the past three years I have made over fifty complete costumes, more than twenty hats, and dozens of foundation garments (including corsets, hoop skirts, and petticoats).

I draft the vast majority of my own patterns, and am currently working with The McCall Pattern Company to make some of them commercially available.

When I’m not sewing, I’m busy sharing my process. I’ve been blogging about my projects since I started sewing back in 2012, and have continued to do so on a weekly basis. I also post videos on youtube that relate to my costume work.


In the past five years I’ve acquired a following of almost 400,000 people, and 20 million views between my blog and videos. 

My work has been featured on dozens of sites and in several papers, including the NY Post.  

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, check out the links below.


And if you're interested in commissioning something, or have a business inquiry of any sort please email me at I can make anything from the 1050's to the 1950's! 

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About me:

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